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Life's Useful Tips

Master how to gain control of situations to improve your life. Know yourself a little better and understand why you react and behave the way you do. Hope that you would find these tips useful and handy.



If you are an animal lover, chances are that your blood pressure is under control. Evidence suggests that having pets around helps keep a lid on stress. Apparently, activities like playing with your pet and tending to it can prove a great tonic for hypertension. Even such mundane tasks like removing ticks from your dog or taking it for a walk can be soothing for some. As can the constant chattering of lovebirds in a cage. Or if you're a fish buff, watching them swim around, or cleaning their tank could prove relaxing.


Watch Out If You Are Stressed Out!
Stress can wear down the part of the immune system that protects us from colds and other viruses.
Long-term stress takes another kind of toll on the body, by slowing the time it takes for wounds to heal. The immune system that helps repair damaged tissue slows down in people who are under strain for a long time.

Stressed out, then watch out you might be arguing with your spouse for no reason. This will further dampen on your immune system, and may leave you vulnerable to illness. Stress not only makes you emotionally weak, even your physical health is at stake.

Meditation is an age-old practice, which can induce potentially beneficial changes such as lower blood pressure and reduced heart rate. Meditation is sometimes recommended to people with heart disease or other medical problems as well as to anybody who are trying to control emotional stress. It diverts the mind from the problems of daily life.

Meditation requires sitting or lying quietly, usually with the eyes closed, so that attention is withdrawn from the outside world and from customary activity. Some forms of meditation involve concentrating on breathing in and out and repeating a word or phrase called "mantra" aloud or silently. Meditation helps in controlling emotional stress, achieving stillness of mind, state of serenity and a kind of spiritual "high".

Quick Stress Reliefs
What's your immediate reaction to a stress? Do you get more stressed out? Do you run away from the task at hand? Here are a couple of quick stress reliefs:
Take deep breaths, inhale over 16 counts and exhale over four, each with an alternate nostril. Do this for five to ten minutes
Pray or meditate for ten minutes.

Massage for instant relief from day to day stress. A ten-minute neck and shoulder massage will revitalize you instantly. Do it yourself if no help is at hand, or get hold of a partner who will do it for you and vice versa!

Develop Hobbies To Stay Stress Free
Hobby is a leisure activity, a past time, which should be a total diversion from your daily routine. When choosing a hobby, many people make the mistake of taking up activities closely related to their office life: for example, a computer programmer may design video games in his free time. Taking up completely unrelated hobbies will divert your mind and reduce stress. If you are a number cruncher, try something creative like painting or music, or if your job is high tech, try gardening or bird watching. Hobby is not a commercial activity but it gives you peace of mind.

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