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How I Found True Love


By Bubble, Secret of the Heart

  Well I am 18 and had been seeing my boyfriend (John) for about 2 months, i thought that it was love and the relationship moved very fast and he decided that we should take the extra step and get engaged even though we had only been together for 2 months! I felt very uneasy about his proposal as we also lived very far away from each other. When i said no to his proposal, because i didn't see the rush, he hit me and told me i was stupid! The abuse went on for a little while until i really couldn't take anymore, i knew that he was cheating on me too and so i decided to leave him. I managed to leave with only a few bruises and went home to my mum. My mum asked what had happened but i didn't tell her.

In the following weeks after splitting up with John i was very withdrawn and upset, i felt used, cheap, hurt and angry and i also felt that i would never be able to trust another man again, i stopped going out and my parents were getting really worried about me.

That month i didn't have a period and when i started to think that maybe there was something wrong i did a pregnancy test. As you can imagine i was very shocked when the test came out positive! I spoke to my mum about it for a long time, we discussed all the options but i decided that there was no way i could have a termination. I decided to have the baby but not tell John. Just as i was getting back on my feet and feeling a bit more positive and getting used to the idea of being pregnant disaster struck and i was taken to hospital with severe stomach cramps...I had lost my darling baby.


  Once i was back home my family kept a very close eye on me as they were all very worried about me! I decided to throw myself back into my education and go back and start again at university.

Three weeks after i lost the baby i was chatting to a friend of mine on the internet in a chat room and a bloke started talking to me, i went along with it and we started chatting on a regular basis, then i gave him my phone number and then we sent pictures of each other and before i knew where i was we were arranging to meet! I was so nervous as i was not truly over John and was very scared that Michael would be the same as him! My friends backed me up and my best mate came with me to meet him.

Meeting Michael was the best thing i have ever done! He is an absolute angel to me, he treats me like a princess buying me presents, taking me out, sending me little cards and stuff to tell me how much he loves me! I cannot describe in words how much i love Michael, he is my world and he has shown me the true meaning of love and respect! I wouldn't be without him now! We have been together nearly 4 months now and it feels as though we have known each other a lifetime! We have already spoken about marriage and children, i just hope to god that we get there because he really does mean everything to me!

Even if you have been badly hurt there is always someone out there for you, finding Michael was worth all of my previous experience with John, it has made me realize how lucky i am to have a man that loves and cherishes me as much as he does!

Good luck to all!

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