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Life's Useful Tips

Master how to gain control of situations to improve your life. Know yourself a little better and understand why you react and behave the way you do. Hope that you would find these tips useful and handy.



Lots of love, laughter and regular naps ... these are just some of the global secrets to health and happiness 

SWEDEN - According to a study of 35 European countries, the Swedes emerged the healthiest. Participants were judged on life expectancy, death rates, childhood mortality and smoking. Sweden has one of the lowest smoking rates in Europe, leading to fewer deaths caused by tobacco-related illnesses.

HEALTH TIP - Quit smoking . According to a Danish study, women who smoke three sticks a day double their risk of a heart attack. Quitting also improves skin and sleep, boosts fertility and saves money.

NORWAY - Norwegian roads are one of the safest. A recent survey showed that Norway has one of the lowest accident rates in the world with only seven deaths in every 100,000 caused by cars. Experts attribute this to heavy speeding fines and tight drink-driving restrictions in the country.

HEALTH TIP - If you drink, don't drive. If you know you'll be having drinks with friends, make sure there's a designated 'driver ' who will not be tempted by alcohol.

SPAIN - The global average for the life expectancy of a woman is 67 years but the Spanish senora lives up to 80 years on average. Recent studies attribute part of this to that midday siesta. Not only does napping ease the mind, relax muscles and reduce stress, sleep is needed to produce the human growth hormone which maintains muscle mass and repairs damaged cells.

HEALTH TIP - Harvard researchers have discovered that having a power nap can help employees be more effective at work. But  don't go beyond 20 minutes or you'll end up feeling even groggier!


FRANCE - The French are proof that regular sex contributes to a long life. According to Durex's  Global Sex Survey 2004, the average French person does it 137 times a year.

HEALTH TIP - Physical intimacy is crucial to the health of a relationship. Learn to move it up on your priority list. Try this turn-on trick: Dab his cologne on your extra-erogenous zones like the nape of your neck... his scent will drive you wild.

BRAZIL - Asia's stressed out cities should take a leaf out of the chilled-out  Brazilian's book. According to a survey, Brazil is home to the most relaxed people in the world, with 24 percent saying they never get stressed. Those with the least stress spend 76 hours a week with their families - that's 40 hours more than the global average.

HEALTH TIP - Cut down stress levels and boosts your immunity by spending more time with family and friends. It's tough with long working hours, but one way for time-strapped families to bond is making it a point to sit down to dinner together at least twice a week. This sacred time can become a comforting family ritual.

NIGERIA - In a study of 65 countries in New Scientist magazine, Nigeria had the highest percentage of happy people in the world. Due to their lack of material possessions, Nigerians place priorities on other things like laughter and family time.

HEALTH TIP - Being happy helps reduce stress and boosts the body's immune system... best of all, it comes cheap. A US study found that people who started giggling while watching a funny video saw a drop in the production of stress hormones.

FINLAND - Compared to the rest of the world, the Finns are experiencing the fastest drop in the number of people with heart disease. Experts believe this could be due to their love for saunas which are said to boost circulation and increase the flow of blood through the heart.

HEALTH TIP - Most gyms and health clubs have saunas - so make the most out of them. It's polite to have a shower before entering. Limit your time in the sauna to 10 to 15 minutes ; after you've warmed up, cool off by taking a cool shower or swim. Once your  body temperature has dropped, you can return to the heat. Drink plenty of water before and after to prevent dehydration.

TAIWAN - With just one in 500 marriages ending in divorce each year, Taiwan boasts the lowest divorce rate in the world. Medical experts believe that happiness within the home has benefits on mental health, explaining why just two percent of the population suffer from depressive disorders.

HEALTH TIP - Strengthen your relationship and boost your mental well-being, by remembering why you fell in love and don't neglect to show it. As relationship expert Dr Philip McGraw says, ' Love is a verb.' Show your affection in little ways like slipping a sweet note in his shirt pocket or calling to let him know you're thinking of him.

INDIA - A study shows that elderly villagers in India have the lowest rate of Alzheimer's disease in the world, and researchers attribute this to the powers of curcumin, the powerful compound found in turmeric, the spice that gives curry it's yellow hue. A UCLA study found that low doses of curcumin blocked the accumulation of plaques and also reduced inflammation [ an effect of Alzheimer's on neurologic tissue].

HEALTH TIP - Add some spice to your curries! Try stirring 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric [ too much can make food taste bitter] in rice or couscous.

JAPAN - People who live in Japan can expect to remain in good health longer than anyone else in the world, according to the World Health Organisation. One of the possible contributions to their longevity is the consumption of soy which is said to be a great protector against heart disease. Soy products also contain plant chemicals that are said to mimic our body's oestrogen. This helps protect against hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer.

HEALTH TIP - Add soy to your diet, like soy milk for your tea or coffee. You can also add tofu to your stir-fries in place of meat.

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