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Life's Useful Tips

Master how to gain control of situations to improve your life. Know yourself a little better and understand why you react and behave the way you do. Hope that you would find these tips useful and handy.



Want to shed those extra kilos? Here are some tips that are sure to help you knock off those ungainly pounds. But, first things first - consult your doctor in case you have a medical problem and adopt a health regime okayed by him/her!

  • Set yourself a realistic goal. Don't expect to lose 10 kgs in a month this will leave you exhausted. The faster you lose weight higher are the chances of getting it back again! Inch towards your goal slowly but steadily!


  • Get to know your eating habits by starting a `food record' for a week before you start dieting. See when and what you eat between meals as `snacks'. Note if your eating is mood related (this needs to be checked). Plan your meals a week in advance and stick to the schedule as far as possible.


  • Initially cut down the portion of food you eat, instead of omitting favourite foods altogether. For example, if you eat three chapatis at each meal, cut it down to two. Take smaller helpings. Eat slowly and chew well. This will satiate your appetite sooner and you will not be packing in excess calories. Avoid second helpings.


  • Stock fridge and cabinet with low-calorie snacks. Avoid snacking while watching television. Spice your cooking with herbs (coriander, mint, sowa) and spices (chaat masala, pepper, amchur, dhania, jeera), instead of rich gravies and sauces.


  • Aim for 400: Cut 400 calories from your usual daily intake through diet and/or exercise, and you’ll experience slow but steady weight loss.


  • Stop eating out! All that greasy stuff is not doing you any good. Pack, a healthy lunch each day, like a chicken or vegetable sandwich, fruit and sliced vegetable.


  • Indulge yourself—in moderation! If you’re a chip or chocolate addict, don’t sit with a bowl of it. Have smaller quantities and eat slowly.


  • Build muscle: The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Exercise!


  • Weigh yourself regularly to check your progress.


  • Quit eating out—too often! This is the quickest route to sabotaging all your diet efforts. Make it a treat—Not a regular lifestyle feature. Select restaurants that offer low-fat options.


  • Tidy the house: This is a great exercise, believe it or not! You can burn 80 to 90 calories during 20 minutes of housework!

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